I’m Not Dead, I Swear


Well, so much for keeping this website up to date… When I rebuilt the site 6 months ago, I swore I would keep it more updated than the last one, but I guess that didn’t last too long. Many things have changed since then and school got in the way of life as usual, but things are looking up and this site is being pulled from the back burner. Since my last post, I’ve changed my major from Electrical Engineering to Information Systems Management, with a second business major to be determined this coming summer. I have also moved into a house to live year-round in Akron with some pretty sweet roommates and living on my own has taken some getting used to. Now that school is back on track and I have settled into my new place, I have more time to work on what really interests me. Soon to come will be some interesting projects ranging from revamping our file server to car modifications and more. I’ve also taken some time to update content on the site and getting it running more smoothly. I hope you will check back soon for updates.

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