Razer Mouse LED Swap Added


After some gentle persuading by my buddy TJ on line today, I broke out the soldering iron to make short work of my mouse and swap the LEDs like I have been wanting too. I’m glad that TJ has been keeping on me about getting new content up to the site, It really got me going today and allowed me to complete two projects I’ve been wanting to tackle for a while. Thanks TJ. Be sure to take a look after the break for a full write up on how I swapped the LEDs in my mouse to match my keyboard.

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  1. Erik
    12:05 am on July 9th, 2009


    This is sweet. I have a Razor keyboard with blue LED. My mouse is not a light up one tho…. I love my Antec 900 case though with 4 200mm case fans that have 3 blue leds each on them….

    Do you have a Razor keyboard as well?

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